Vietnam traveling experiences that attract foreign tourists

Halong bay – one of the seven new wonders of the world

This is a well-known tourist attraction that no traveler can ignore when setting foot in Vietnam. Having system of more than 2000 small and large islands with unique names such as Ga choi Islet (Fighting cock Islet), Con Coc Islet (Toad Islet), etc. Halong offers visitors many impressive experiences.

Coming to Halong and staying at Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort on Reu island, travelers will have chance to completely contemplate the beauty of the bay. Kayaking to explore the cave system; returning in the afternoon to walk on the sand and watch the sunset; having a dinner in the breeze of the sea; that is all well enough to keep visitors to stay with Ha Long.

Discover the majestic mountains of northwest

The first impression when visiting the mountains of the Northwest must be the yellow terraced fields which look like the ladders leading to the sky. If you are lucky to arrive here during the harvest season, you will have chance to contemplate a giant golden painting in the middle of the majestic mountains and forests.

Coming to the Northwest, tourists can also easily see young girls in traditional costumes of their ethnic groups during the market-days or in the mountaineering expeditions as well as a visit to the villages. Taking a rest and enjoying a specialty of the local, you will feel the taste of the mountain and forest on your tongue. The land and the people of the Northwest truly make us passionate.

Enjoy Vietnamese cuisines

Famous for its exquisite style, Vietnamese cuisines are one of the reasons why foreign tourists fall in love. In addition to Pho and Banh My (noodle soup and bread), travelers can enjoy the popular typical dishes of every region. Besides, trying the culture of street food is also an opportunity for you to feel the daily life in a most realistic way.

Do not forget to taste real coffee in Vietnam

If you have a passion for coffee, Vietnam is definitely the top destination to visit with the most famous coffee types in the world. In Vietnam, people drink coffee like a culture. Vietnamese coffee is also very different as people make brown coffee by mixing black coffee with condense milk to have a typical sweet flavor.

Sitting on the sidewalk, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the streets of Hanoi or Sai Gon will be unforgettable memories for foreign visitors.

Experience the life of the river land in mekong delta

Travelers can also plan for a trip to the Mekong Delta, where is famous for its enormous fields, fruit barns, and busy floating markets.

Staying at Vinpearl Can Tho Hotel, travelers can go down from Nink Kieu Wharf to explore the western land’s rivers or visit the orchards full of fruits. In addition, travelers also should try to move by boats, listen to Southern amateur music and visit the traditional craft villages, etc. Those will be great experiences for any foreign tourist who comes to visit Vietnam.

A vacation at the most beautiful beaches of the planet

With a coastline stretching from the North to the South, it is not difficult for visitors to choose a suitable beach to rest after an exploring trip. Nha Trang with a vibrant beach, Da Nang with a gentle sea, or attractive neglected Phu Quoc, etc are famous beaches of the world that have been widely chosen by foreign tourists as a holiday destination with blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine.

Immerse yourself in the cold wind of the ocean and enjoy the fresh seafoods, you will definitely have the best experiences in this ideal space.

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