7 Places where talking a lot of nice photographs in Hoi An

During the New Year’s days Spring is coming very close with the steps are very quick and quiet. How to wait for the most beautiful season of the year has arrived, everyone also wears the latest clothes, takes a walk with the happy and radiant smile. Among the pleasures of spring days, had you planned to save a harmony moment between nature and human in the pictures yet? Let’s come in Hoi An and inscribe the sweet memories in Hoi An through 7 locations photograph shimmering beauty

1. Garden of the temples

In early years, going to temple for Buddha blessing to the family’s good habits of many vienamese people. Beauty calm, peaceful temples and gardens campus become attractively the youth. You will be more beautiful with graceful tunic dresses, flowing. Garden flowers Van Duc Pagoda, Ngoc Cam, Ngoc Chau … with a variety of flowers and color harmony to help you with beautiful images and make more pure soul.

2. Tra Que Vegetable Village

In the spring, vegetable village is garish with the yellow broccoli, parsley flakes are tiny, cotton sheets are beautiful white, vegetable plots are verdant… all of them is always wonderful background for the romantic image. Return to nature will be a suggestion about the topic for your spring photos with family and friends.

3.Thanh Ha pottery Park

Thanh Ha pottery Park is “collection” of the famous wonders of the world from the ceramic tiles in bright red. It’s no necessary to go far, you go to the ceramic park to satisfy creative art with the miniature architectures such as: the Ancient Colosseum, Opera House, the Pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa … You will be completely pleasant with experience in this ideal destination.

4.Hoi An Covered Bridge

Hoi An Bridge is a destination for anyone who love the Ancient town -which is the symbol of Hoi An. Chau Thuong Van street is the most popular angle that everyone wants to photograph of Bridge. You can break the old order, create by choosing the angle from the side of the river, or from An Hoi Bridge to create a new-fangled feeling and more unique.

5.Ancient Town and Alley

The brilliant streets with the lanterns, the green moss alleys give you the classic and strange-looking pictures. You also do not forget to visit “the wall is the most photographed people” to save the great moments of spring.

6.An Hoi Sculpture garden

Located on a quiet Hoai River, statue garden is stone sculptures which are arranged scatteredly along the Nguyen Hoang street. You can lean against the rocks, posing inside the trees, take in the scenery spring of peaceful land. If you like, you may have some pictures when you are boating on the river in romantic and exciting scenery.

7.An Bang Beach

Taking a lot of photo at the beach in the spring will give you new experience about a shooting location which is default location in the summer. The waves will be higher, the sand will fly more and more, wind will be stronger, but you do not worry, surely you will get the frame “could not be more pleasant”. Nowadays, taking a picture is “indispensable spiritual food” for all of us. Not just a hobby, photography is the best way to store of memories and authentic. Enjoy Tet holiday and take a photo in New Year, you’ll always be the guy, the most beautiful girl in the spring

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