Pho – Noodle soup in Hoi An

Pho – Noodle soup is a special dish from Hoi An. Everyone in Hoi An usually enjoy it for breakfast or it can also be substituted for lunch and dinner meal. Hoi An Pho – noodle soup is a delicious dish that the more you enjoy and the more you fall in love with it. More and more tourists are be coming increasingly attracted to this noodle soup. Once you try it, you never forget.

Pho – Noodle soup is a traditional food in Viet Nam, it is derived from the North of Viet Nam, Viet Nam Pho – noodle soup has become a popular culinary art and is known all over the world mainly with the introduction of noodle 24 brand. Hoi An Pho – noodle soup is a unique variation from Pho – noodle soup of the North, having a different taste and a flavor characteristic of Hoi An. Difference with the North, Hoi An Pho – noodle soup is made from dried noodle. Chefs cook with boiling water for the noodle is soft and chewy.

The main components of “Pho bo” – noodle soup in Hoi An includes:

  • Sauce: pure bone of beef stewed.
  •  Dried noodle.
  •  Beef.
  •  Roasted peanuts (sprinkle of top noodle soup).
  •  Small spring onion and the vegetable.
  •  Bean sprouts.
  •  Papaya salad (pickled papaya served with noodle soup).

The white of noodle, the red of beef, the yellow of peanuts and the green of small spring onion and vegetable… Pho – noodle soup becomes delicious, attractive and will stimulate your taste immediately.

In addition, the restaurants will also server fried bread for you to enjoy along with Pho – noodle soup Both local residents and tourists are attracted by Hoi An Pho – noodle soup

7 famous Pho – noodle soup restaurant in Hoi An

1 – Lien noodle soup restaurant

It is considered the oldest and the most famous in Hoi An employed by Mr Luu Lien. This is a traditional restaurant “generation to generation”. It is in the centre of the old town, at the corner of Le Loi and Phan Chu Trinh street.

It is opened: all day.

Add: 25 Le Loi street.

2 – Tung noodle soup restaurant

It is located in a small alley of Le Loi, Phan Chu Trinh and Tran Phu street. Mr Thuy and the wife are the owners of this restaurant, always cheerful and friendly with the customers. He also servers fresh fruit water in summer.

Add: 51/7 Phan Chu Trinh street.

3 – 265 noodle soup restaurant

It is located near Hoi An bus station, it has been opened for 2 years. This restaurant is very clean and airy with enthusiastic service and always is satisfying for both residents and tourists It is opened: from 6 to 9 in the morning.

Add: 159 Le Hong Phong street.

4 – Da noodle soup restaurant

It serves in the evening and later. It is a delightful place to enjoy a delicious bowl of noodle soup whilst chatting with friends before being back home to have a nice dream.

Add: 29 Hung Vuong street.

5 – 339 noodle soup restaurant

It is located in the East of Hoi An, on the way to Cua Dai beach. A hot and delicious bowl of noodle soup to start a new day of work.

Add: 399 Cua Dai street.

6 – Lucky noodle soup restaurant

It is located on Tin Duc Thang street. The owner of this restaurant is a hardworking man and always tries to satisfy the customers.

Add: 56 Ton Duc Thang.

7 – Gieng Dinh noodle soup restaurant

It is called Dinh Well because it is located near an old well in Hoi An. The owner of this restaurant is a famous chef. Although this restaurant is small, it is very clean and airy.

Add: 21 Phan Chu Trinh.

Coming to Hoi An, it would be an omission if you have not tasted noodle soup. Pho – noodle soup has gradually become a familiar and luxurious dish in Hoi An, in Viet Nam. You will remember its taste forever after enjoying. A bowl of noodle soup is usually costs from 20.000vnd to 25.000vnd. You should be completely satisfied with noodle soup, a traditional dish in Viet Nam. Do not hesitate any longer! Come to Hoi An, Viet Namto also enjoy this marvelous, enriching dish!

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