Enjoying vegetarian food in Hoi An

In our modern society, people want to stay closer to the true value of nature. Therefore, enjoying vegetarian dishesbecomes more popular, (vegetarian means not consuming meat) Today, people are not only vegetarian for religions reasons but also out of concern for animal rights, the environment and health

Pure vegetarian food is not only a change from the daily boring tastes such as fish, pork, beef… It is actually a very interesting type of food made from plant products. Vegetarian food helps the soul to become serene, comfortable and in addition, it also helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure… giving us a good health

Today, vegetarianism has become popular and is  a habit of many people of Hoi An. Except for on the first and the fifteenth of every lunar month, they also enjoy vegetarian dishes because they are believed to be good for the health. So, the vegetarian restaurants crowded everyday.

The vegetarian menu is very diverse and rich. Tofu (soya-cake) is commonly used for producing the most delicious vegetarian dishes. It is also a popular everyday ingredient in Hoi An because it contains a lot of protein and is healthy.

Vegetarian dishes such as Pho, Cao Lau, Quang noodle, Banh xeo (pancake), pizza… are delicious specialities prepared by the chefs in Hoi An. In addition, vegetarian soup is also a very famous and popular dish in Hoi An.

Break the routine and enjoy a vegetarian dish. The Vietnamese also eat vegetarian frequently at home with family. However, they sometimes eat out with friends and family at one of the vegetarian restaurants to enjoy the delicious dishes or meal with great views.

  1. Đạm vegetarian restaurant

Add: 71/20 Phan Chau Trinh street

  1. Thiện Nghĩa vegetarian restaurant

Add: 325 Cua Dai street

  1. An Như vegetarian restaurant

Add: 416 Hai Ba Trung street

  1. Tâm Quang Minh vegetarian restaurant

Add: 33 Ly Thai To street

  1. Ngọc Nga vegetarian restaurant

Add: 114 Ly Thuong Kiet street

  1. Như Mai vegetarian restaurant

Add: 166/1 Ly Thuong Kiet street

  1. Tâm Thanh Sang vegetarian restaurant

Add: On the way to Vạn Đức pagoda

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