Enjoying European cakes in Hoi An

Hoi An Travel is evolving more, Hoi An cuisine is becoming an indispensable, a must experience for travelers. Thus, a modern and artistic style cuisine has come to Hoi An. After arriving in Hoi An, that art has changed a bit, It became more attractive, consistent with culinary trends in this little old town. The emergence of European cakes, a light snack has become indispensable in Restaurants and hotels in Hoi An.

With the main ingradients are flour and milk imported from oversea. The talented chefs make the cakes really delicious and attractive. Let’s imagine what your feelings would be like if you could sit in a beautiful quaint bakery or restaurant enjoying delicious European cakes. A romantic, comfortable feeling with Italian or French cakes, the fatigue you feel after walking around the old town will surely disappear.

The famous cakes such as Mousse, Tiramisu, Match are familiar with foreign visitors, cakes are rated “delicious” – a great way. With fancy decoration, attractive, color and shape of the cakes is very beautiful and makes you want to taste immediately. Cheese, chocolate, caramel and fruit such as: blueberry, passion fruit, mango, apple are imported from oversea bringing an attractive and passionate taste

The bakeries and the restaurants are investing in technology, modern  machinery and apply foreign recipes without using chemicals. Although the name of the cakes are the same, the chefs at each bakery and restaurant create a very distinctive flavor.

1.Cargo Restaurant

Trinh Diem Vy is the owner and also a chef of this restaurant. She has succeeded in producing and selling cakes. Coming to Cargo restaurant you will be overwhelmed by a system of baking machines and you will feel like you’re lost in the world of a fairy story. Passion cheese – with the sour taste of passion has become famous and many visitors call it the best in this restaurant. In addition, the restaurant has some other famous cakes as gato, tart…

Add: 107-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc street

Phone: 05103 911227 – 05103 911844

2.Dingo Deli

With a passionate love for Hoi An. A couple Michealle and Gorden. They opened 2 bakeries with Italian famous technology. The main ingredients of Dingo Deli restaurant are cheese and almond, you will not be disappointed.

The famous cakes of Dingo Deli are Mango cheese, Apple strudel… In addition, It has delivery service.

Add: 277 Cua Dai street and 615 Hai Ba Trung street

Phone: 0120 600 9300

3.Tam Tam bar restaurant

This is famous Bar – Restaurant, located on Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc. Outside Vietnamese, Chinese, European cuisine, Tam Tam’s cakes are also very popular. The famous cakes of Tam Tam are chocolate, coconut…

Add: 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc and 121 Tran Phu street

Phone: 05103 862212 – 05103 984 984

4.Friends bar and coffee

The owner of the bakery and coffee is a funny, nimble tour guide. He grasps and understands the trend of cakes. His bakery and coffee is a great place for teens. It is decorated with bright colors and servers cupcake, Tiramisu, cream cake… affordable pricing.

Add: 381 Cua Dai street

Phone: 0932 657 045 – 0905 666 193

5.Luong Gia Restaurant

It is located on Le Loi street in the old town. Luong Gia restaurant is also famous for its cakes. They are very delicious, good taste and attractive.

Add: 34 Le Loi street

Phone: 05103 911 899

6.Le Croissant Barkery

This bakery is a showroom of  Hoa Sua school in Ha Noi which gives vocational training to students. Bakery has many cakes such as: strawberry, Mossue, fruit tarte… The manager of this bakery is a friendly young man. He can deliver anywhere in Hoi An.

Add: 01 Pham Hong Thai street

Phone: 05103 864 068 – 0936 369 356

7.Ca Khoai Restaurant

The specific cake of this bakery is Matcha, It is made from Matcha Green tea. The owner of this bakery is Miss Thuy, she always changes the taste of her cakes on Christmas and Mid – Autumn festival. So, her bakery is become more and more popular because of the delicious cakes.

Add: 470 Cua Dai street

Phone: 0917 360 659

While in Hoi An you try to change your habits and enjoy cakes in the morning instead of breakfast, dessert for after lunch and dinner. Surely, you will love the European cakes in Hoi An that create a magical mix of Asian and European cultures.

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