Charming scenery – Phu Ninh Lake

The way Tam Ky about 7 kilometers to the west, Phu Ninh resorts is the convergence of the beauty of the lakes, flora and fauna of system diversity … Phu Ninh Lake – famous scenic spots in land of Quang Nam, is recognized as the historic landmark national level and is one of the largest irrigation projects in Vietnam.

Phu Ninh Lake Features

In the reservoir area has about 30 islands, islets, creating a charming populations; including some large islands such as Mr. So Island, Island 61, Turtle Island …, all Halong like a miniature. Around the island, people also planted some trees such as eucalyptus, pine Caribbean to hold water. And from there, the luxuriant green island of Phu Ninh trees turned like a green gem. Systems and fauna here is plentiful, with many species listed in the World Red Book. Especially in Phu Ninh also natural mineral water erupted from the ground and the system of ecological tourism.

Phu Ninh Lake each year to harvest more than 80 tons of fish of all kinds. The dam is made of clay tiled surface height from the foot of the dam is 36 m, the dam of 360 m length. Phu Ninh Lake is surrounded by hills in the surrounding communes: Tam Xuan in the East, Tam Dan – Tam Thai in the north, Tra  Bong – Tra Lien – Tam Lan in the west and Tam Son in the south. In addition, there are wing Phu Ninh lake about 23,000 ha of protective forests.

Phu Ninh come with hot sunny days guests will admire the cool blue of the villages, rice fields and blue immense fresh water lake of color. Especially Phu Ninh is also natural mineral water hot with many elements have very good effects on human health.

Go hot water bill, you will witness hot water spray from the lake bottom up, is passed through a rubber tube drip guest. Hot water is always moving around the clock and temperature can be up to 70ºC, even boiled eggs are chicken, duck.

Aqua paint traveling in lake

It took ten years to build Phu Ninh lake, gradually, the lake became one of the attractions could not arrive when visited “land Quang Nam.” Because at this place, the who carries in her blood stream migration roamed looking beauty will experience the feeling of leisurely sitting on the boat, the water naked, watching the clouds headline silhouetted against the blue water or experience a night sleeping between desolate lake, table magic shy smog, immersed in the mystery story, somewhat younger bureaucracy.

Often tourists to Phu Ninh lake lingered most of them stay, organized fishing, enjoy a night floating on the waves, sleeping between clouds, moon and stars. Amid the vast water surface, the pure white river, people no longer seem to worry anything. Sleeping between heaven and earth, harmony in nature, floating boat, very nice gesture.

The natives showed the secret guests that want the most beautiful sight Phu Ninh lake, most integrity, the drive to Tam Lanh. Standing on this path with full views of Phu Ninh lake views. Blue water surface, horror overwhelmed forests, known birds – all penetrate the senses, that they just wanted to stand this place forever. From here, waiting for the sun down to collapse into the eyes moments later on the sparkling sunshine cover a large area on the lake. Smoke waves on the lake, the village where the stove emissions distance, the sun sets the red lights finally, gradually submerged off the mountains … it seems all has created harmonious composition to picture wearing wonderful. Should have been living between urban place, life long swept under the trip, but can not forget the afternoon en route Sightseeing Phu Ninh Tam Lanh, each year once wrapped smoky neckwear, return to the old , stand for hours listening ears whirring wind, waiting for the sun down, lifted the camera body, save the black and white images of beauty and peace returned, found the heart pure.


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